In 2017, I decided I wanted to start exploring the world by foot and off the beaten path. Along with a college roommate, I began planning an around the world adventure that would take us along some of the most breathtaking trails on earth

While planning, we relied heavily on blogs and shared experiences from other backpackers. This inspired me to create my own site in hopes it may inspire or assist others in their travels. Happy trekking!


Reviews of treks all over the world. Includes sample itineraries as well as information on what to pack and what you might experience while out on the trail


A sample of must-do hikes across North and South America


Diverse set of trails across Europe, the Middle East & Africa


Some of the world’s best treks from the Asia-Pacific region

US National Park Reviews

Rankings and commentary on some of the United States’ most beautiful parks. This is an evolving section so check back in as we continue our journey to explore every gem within the National Park System

Gear Guide

Helpful reviews providing some insight into what to bring and what to buy before you go on any outdoor adventure